What Feng Shui has in Store for 2020

What Feng Shui has in Store for 2020

What Feng Shui has in Store for 2020

POSTED BY Mary Piraino ON 12 Nov 2019

What’s in-store for you in 2020! by Michele Castle of Complete Feng Shui

Its nearly time to welcome the Year of 2020 Golden Metal Rat … Chinese New Year arrives on January 25, 2020.

Sentimental and Strong, with fixed ideas, this rat can be stubborn, although it is helpful and hardworking. An ambitious rat with ability to see things through, it will be successful in all it undertakes.

A year of independence, resourcefulness, intelligence, charm and analytical actions and thinking …

25 January marks the beginning of a 12-year cycle that leads us into a NEW DECADE, and it comes at a time when the energies are moving fast. There are many promising pockets of good fortune to be tapped in this Golden metal Rat Year, but also hidden potholes you must sidestep to avoid misfortune. expect to see challenges faced by the majority. On the other hand, turbulent times, sees empires rise and new kings established. Statistics show in turbulent times business empires, millionaires, and game changers are made … rats are cheerful, industrious, enduring, persistent, adaptable, accepting, curious and forgiving. They bounce back quickly from setbacks and even when down, they manage to keep smiling. They are fast, determined, and don’t stay put and have many changes and moves in all areas of their lives. They are excited by new things. Due to their reputation for being self-motivated, they are often mistrusted. The rat, after all, is an opportunist with an eye for a bargain.

Do you realise that every year your home’s energy changes due to Stars that enter your home? 

Your Chinese Zodiac animal sign also plays a significant role in your year’s outcome.

In Feng Shui they are called Flying Stars and are either positive or negative in energy.

Get the unfair advantage by being prepared, reap the rewards.

 2020 Year of the Metal Rat represents independence, resourcefulness, intelligence, charm and analytical thinking … 

To welcome in the Year of the Golden Metal Rat, start de-cluttering your space now.

Each year, it is important to consider these yearly changes. It is important in Feng Shui to be prepared and to take the opportunity of benefiting from the auspicious changes and to negate the inauspicious changes that the Year of the Golden Metal Rat may bring.